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Counselling - does it really work?

Many people utilise therapy, but the question is... Talking therapies and specifically, counselling, does it really work?

And if counselling does work, what makes it work?

It has been found that the most essential aspect of any counselling/therapeutic relationship is the connection between client and practitioner.

If the connection is not formed, there is little room for trust.

To form a connection, there has to be the willingness and intent for both parties to be open, honest and vulnerable with each other….. This can be built over time or, in some cases, can be instantaneous.

The fact that we Love (with a capital L) working with people is amazingly supportive in building this trust. The lack of judgment allows a client to open up and become vulnerable without feeling this has been misplaced.

This relationship is formed slowly (or fast) Whatever suits each client).

In our practice, sensitivity and vulnerability are not just seen as strengths but are known to be superpowers, as when we surrender to these qualities, lives can transform.

Toni Steenson counselling a client.


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