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Adolescent Counselling Lismore

“Why doesn’t my son/daughter talk to me?”

“Why do we always fight?”

“Why are they so Angry?”

“Why does he/she behave the way they do?”

There are many pressures facing our adolescents in society today that can create a distance and separation with parents and other family members. When teenagers don’t know how to express what is going on for them, they can retreat and withdraw from life. This can further be complicated by mental health concerns. Adolescent counselling offers a safe place for teens to explore and discuss what is going on for them in a judgement free zone.


About Adolescent Counselling and how the service can support

Adolescent Counselling is a vital service that provides support and guidance to teenagers facing various challenges in their lives. Toni has a strong dedication and is committed to helping adolescents navigate through issues such as stress, anxiety, relationships, academic pressure, and more. Toni utilises evidence-based methods and treatments in her practice. Through a safe and confidential environment, Toni aims to empower teenagers to discover their inner confidence and strengths, build resilience, and develop healthy coping mechanisms. Toni supports teens with the transition they are currently experiencing from being a child with little to no responsibility to becoming an adult who achieves full responsibility for themselves. By offering individualised adolescent counselling sessions and resources for both teens and parents, teen counselling seeks to foster positive mental health outcomes and promote overall well-being.

Teen Counselling Northern Rivers

Toni Steenson provides counselling services for adolescents, also referred to as teen counselling, for teenagers residing in the Northern Rivers region of NSW, supporting young people from Byron Bay, Lennox Head, Ballina, Evans Head, Alstonville, Wollongbar, and Lismore. Contact the clinic here.

What qualifications does Toni have?

Toni Steenson graduated with a degree in Psychological Science with a minor in Aboriginal studies from the University of South Australia and completed a major in Psychology at Swinburne University. She achieved first-class honors in her fourth year Psychology Studies at the University of Adelaide. Toni expanded her education by obtaining The Crisis Support Skill Set Certificate from Lifeline Australia. Additionally, she has undergone Level 1 and Level 2 Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy, which she integrates into her counselling practice. Toni has also participated in Play Therapy courses at the Queensland Institute of Play Therapy, demonstrating her commitment to continuous professional development in the field of counselling.


How to book

To get a sense of whether counselling is for you or your family, you can call Toni to receive a complimentary 15-minute consult. If Toni can’t answer the phone, be sure to leave a message so she can call you back.


Phone 0466 629 424

Or contact Toni via email and she will organise a time to call you.

What is the process?

Teenagers may seek adolescent counselling for various reasons, including navigating through the challenges of adolescence, such as academic pressures, peer relationships, family issues, stress, anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, identity crisis, bullying, trauma, and behavioural concerns. Teen counselling provides a safe and confidential space for teens to express their thoughts and feelings, develop coping strategies, improve communication skills, build resilience, and work towards personal growth and self-discovery. Adolescent Counselling helps teenagers to understand themselves better, enhance their mental well-being, and acquire the necessary tools to face life's challenges with confidence and resilience. Ultimately, adolescent counselling supports teens in overcoming obstacles and creating a positive path forward towards a healthier and more fulfilling life.

What to expect in a session?

The first teen counselling session involves the teen coming in and giving an oral history of their life so far. Discussing significant relationships and activities they partake in - including school, significant events, past or present traumas and why they have decided to come to counselling now. Toni then generally has an appointment with the parent/caregiver to discuss early history and anything that they see as significant. Toni may choose to see the only teen for adolescent counselling but will quite often incorperate the parents in the process if first the teenager is happy with this and then as long as the parents are willing. Toni finds it is often important to open the lines of communication between the teenager and the parent and ensure that everyone is hearing and understanding each other, as quite often, we are not always expressing or hearing the other clearly.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Teen counselling/Therapy work?

Counselling adolescents can be very effective if the teenager is willing to participate. If the teenager is not willing to participate, Toni generally withholds her services in these situations. Research has shown that the main indicator that any counselling process, including adolescent counselling, will work is the therapeutic relationship/connection between the therapist and the client. Toni utilises many different evidence-based models and therapies, which she tailors explicitly to each client’s specific need.

How long will I/my teen need adolescents counselling for?

Every adolescent is very unique in their specific needs. Some Teens may attend adolescent counselling for 1-3 sessions for an acute occurrence in their life, or another adolescent may seek out teen counselling for an old childhood trauma or a deep-seated issue and require several months. It is very dependent on each teen, their ability to complete the necessary steps and feel confidence and completion regarding what they originally sought adolescent counselling for.

Toni Steenson

How to book

Ready to get started or simply have questions about the Counselling process? Call Toni 0466 629 424 or contact Toni via email and she will organise a time to call you.

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