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Can talking actually do anything?

Have you ever noticed that something becomes clearer when It takes physical form?

For example, you have an idea, but not until you start creating and interacting with it does it fully become known. Like building a house or designing a room, or simply what your day will look like.

You can have an idea of what is involved, but not until you start interacting with it and bringing it into physical form does it fully make sense.

This is the same as an issue we seek counselling for. It is not until we speak and express do we fully understand what we are feeling. As we express, we connect to our own innate wisdom on the topic, which brings insight and even a way forward.

Quite often, our emotions or challenges, when expressed and understood, can be transformed into understanding and a new way forward. Without this talking, our inner wisdom can stay buried and unexplored. Counselling can offer the opportunity to tap into what we already know but may not have expressed in a way that brings clarity.

If we reflect on the fact that whatever tensions or upsetting emotions we are experiencing can only be registered as tension or upsetting emotions because we know this is not our normal. This means we know what our normal is and what it looks like and feels like, so when the opposite occurs, we experience tensions or upsetting emotions.

Talking helps us rediscover our innate wisdom on what our normal. What this feels like and looks like.

So yes, simply talking supports the rediscovery of oneself and their innate wisdom!


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