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“My life has transformed since working with Toni,
I highly recommend her.”


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Counselling Lismore, Ballina and surrounds with Toni Steenson

Counselling for individuals, families and couples counselling, teen counselling, children's counselling and more. 


We understand that each person is a unique individual with many exceptional qualities and that we can feel impacted by our experiences and traumas or simply become overwhelmed by the day to day pressures of life.​


Talk to Toni about how counselling or life coaching can support.


Lismore Counselling Rooms

Spherical Counselling

Suite 3, 15 Woodlark St, Lismore, NSW 2480 

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Counselling Goonellabah

Suite 4/1 Gum Tree Drive, Goonellabah, NSW

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Evolve Allied Health Lismore Rooms

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Counselling for Children, Adolescents and Adults.

Toni Steenson is a Lismore based Counsellor with rooms in Lismore and Goonellabah.

Using a strengths-based approach, she works with people of all ages experiencing various challenges or presenting concerns including depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, ADHD and more. Couples counselling is also available.


Counselling  and Life Coaching Services

Considering counselling? A Lismore Couple look to the sun

Lismore Relationship Counsellor Toni Steenson, offers couples counselling for all couples, married, defacto, (residing or not residing together), same-sex couples and gay couples in the Northern Rivers areas (this includes Counselling in Lismore / Goonellabah, and supporting couples online Australia-wide.

Life Coach Counselling with Toni Steenson - Toni coaching a client

Life coaching aims to empower individuals, facilitating their journey toward realising their full potential and enjoying  a more fulfilling life.  With tailored coaching sessions, Toni can assist you in gaining clarity, recognising your strengths and values, and providing actionable strategies to pursue your ambitions and aspirations.

A person receiving Mental health support counselling with Lismore counsellor

Anxiety and depression counselling can play a crucial role in supporting individuals dealing with these mental health conditions. Mental Health Support counselling provides a safe space for individuals to explore their thoughts, emotions, and behaviours, helping them understand the underlying causes of their anxiety and depression.

A person receiving Trauma Counselling in Lismore

Many varied experiences can lead to trauma. Trauma may stem from singular events or prolonged situations, and it might even persist into the present. The nature of trauma differs for each person and addressing trauma is just as distinctive unfolding uniquely within trauma counselling, empowering clients to navigate their own traumas.

Play Therapy with Toni Steenson

Therapeutic Play Therapy, also referred to as Play Therapy or Play-centered counselling, is grounded in the recognition of the significance and potency of play. It employs therapeutic play as a tool to assist children in articulating their feelings and thoughts and fostering more adaptive coping strategies.

Young Woman Considering Counselling

There are many pressures facing teens in society today. These pressures can be compounded by mental health concerns. Adolescent counselling offers a safe place for teens to explore and discuss what is going on for them in a judgement free zone.

People experiencing Grief and Loss

Throughout life, we inevitably encounter moments like losing someone we love, the end of a relationship, or reaching the completion of certain life stages. These experiences can leave us feeling a sense of emptiness if we don't fully understand them, which can lead to grief. By understanding why we feel this way and untangling the unique aspects of our grieving process, we can better accept what has happened and move forward without carrying unnecessary guilt or holding ourselves back.

Online Counselling with Toni Steenson at a computer doing an online counselling session.

Counselling is available online or in person depending on your circumstances and preferred format. Phone consults are also available. We recommend that if you are having online counselling that you find yourself a quiet and private space to ensure that you get the most out of your online counselling session.

Lismore Clinic

Spherical Counselling

Suite 3, 15 Woodlark St, Lismore. 

Goonellabah Clinic

 Suite 4/1 Gum Tree Drive,

Goonellabah, NSW

FAQ Anchor
  • How long does counselling take?
    The time someone requires for counselling really varies The first session can indicate if only a couple of sessions are needed or if a longer term is needed.
  • Do I need to be struggling with something to come for counselling?
    No, anyone can benefit from counselling, whether this is to address a specific issue or to expand into looking at the next steps you want to take in life.
  • Who’s best suited to counselling?
    Anyone willing and ready to commit is well suited for counselling.
  • Is there a minimum or maximum age?
    No, there is no minimum or maximum age. All are welcome. We offer counselling across the life spectrum. Some of the life stages we offer counselling for include play-based counselling for children, counselling for teens and young adults, adults, and end-of-life counselling.
  • What’s the first step if I want to book a counselling session?
    The first step to booking a counselling session with Spherical Counselling is to fill out our contact form on the website or give us a call and book a suitable time for an intake session.
  • Can I book my first session through the online booking portal?
    This depends, most online bookings require payment to book sessions, this will not work for NDIS clients.
  • What happens if I can not make a booked appointment?
    Please cancel 48 hours prior to the session a receive a full refund.
  • Is there a cancellation list I can join to get an earlier appointment if available?
    Yes please contact us on the contact page here.
  • Can anyone have a teleconference session?
    It is generally best to have the first session in person.
  • Can I talk to my counsellor about anything?
    Yes, as long as you and your counsellor feel comfortable and safe discussing the issue.

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